Amy Walker is a highly sought after keynote speaker, business coach and author. Amy is a master presenter and has influenced thousands with her high energy, content rich style. Amy is an expert communicator. She is a certified body language expert, and has a BA in Linguistics

Amy has been featured on Fox 13 News, US News and World Report, CEO World Magazine, DIY Marketers, Studio 5, Fast Company and Fresh Living and other worldwide publications. As a business owner, Amy knows how to get results. As a trainer, Amy will motivate your team to create massive growth, increase productivity and show up for success.


Kia Urso is a Motivational/Inspirational speaker as well as a business trainer and personal life coach who was born to business and personal growth work. A Jacksonville, Florida, native currently based in Tampa, she owns three companies: K&J Construction Company, Property Techs LLC property management and Elegance in White online clothing store for women. But, she says, helping people overcome personal and professional obstacles is what she loves best. “I tell audiences all the nitty-gritty stories about my businesses,” she says, “because at one point in my life I felt that owning a business was too difficult, and I proved myself wrong.”

Her speaking work arose from a surprising direction: “I was at church one Sunday afternoon and saw interpreters using American Sign Language (ASL) for the deaf,” she says. Her imagination fired up, and she dug into a study of ASL. “As I became involved in the deaf community, my entire outlook on life and attitude changed,” she says. “I had always been a bit proud, thinking I was better than others. I began to look at people with more humility.” Her first signing gigs were at women’s conferences for the deaf, which inspired her own speaking career. Always an avid student, Kia received her BA in accounting in 2010. She also became a certified Life Coach in 2014, Certified Sign Language Interpreter in 2013, and takes courses throughout the year to enhance her current knowledge in the industry.


Brooks’s experience of being a son, husband, father, friend, communications engineer, and more has shown him that life teaches us little lessons each day.  He brings these Little Lessons of Life to you in simple and effective stories that teach us to make the journey of life an experience of joy.  Walk along with Brooks on this joyous path and observe and learn from the world around you.

Brooks is an international speaker, having shared his message with audiences in Bangladesh, Belgium, France, and Canada. He inspires individuals and teams to find their purpose, discover their direction and create the life of their dreams.  As a guest expert, Brooks has been invited to participate in the international summit for Conscious Wealth Builders, and to share his message with an audience on the Cable network show Inside Out.  Brooks is a sought after story teller who opens the imagination to simple principles that create purpose and joy in the journey of life.

Invite Brooks to your next event to share stories and lessons that will inspire you and your group to move forward through and overcome the obstacles life presents. These simple lessons and techniques will assist you in removing the seemingly impossible hurdles life places in your path and open you to new levels of success.

Jadeé Scarver

From assistant manager in a state government office to high end business consultant, today Jadeé Scarver is The President of Beaucore Enterprises, an expanding full service Expo and Tradeshow Hosting firm as well as the Executive Director of Beaucore Helps, Inc., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless, families and overall poverty alleviation. She is the humble recipient of Black Pages South Jacksonville, FL’s “Top 20 under 40” award.

Jadee is also an IT Project Management and Business Consultant who has found herself managing multi-million/billion dollar projects and mentoring/coaching prominent business coaches alike. Embracing the gifts God has blessed her with in IT, business acumen and sales she is now in the process of launching a full service staffing and consulting firm set for 1st quarter 2017.

Above all else she is a Wife, and a loving Mother of 4 beautiful babies ages 12, 10, 8 and 5. Jadeé is dedicated to ensuring her kid’s childhood is filled with love, joy and an abundance of experiences in academics, athletics, arts and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she is committed to motivating young parents to pursue their dreams and aspirations!

“Becoming a Teen Parent is not the end of your world, yet the beginning of a new journey that will be filled with joy, pain, triumphs and failures – It’s your decision what to make of this unexpected blessing from God.”


Jill Lublin is an international renowned speaker on the topics of publicity, kindness, referrals and networking. As author of the Best-Selling  book “Get Noticed Get Referrals”  (McGraw Hill) and co -author of the Best-Sellers Guerrilla Publicity (Adams Media) and Networking Magic (Morgan James),

Jill is a master strategist on how to capture the attention of the media and increase your visibility in the marketplace.


Born and raised in the inner city of Philadelphia (Chester, Pa.), Fred Smith is an award winning business breakthrough expert, specializing in leadership performance development at Synergy Strategies, Inc. Since 1993, Fred has excelled in the leadership, sales and marketing spectrum: from telemarketing, to door to door sales, public and media relations to building and launching multinational companies. He provides performance development, sales training, strategic business building planning, employee relations and conflict resolution services to upstarts, to small to medium sized businesses, and enterprise level businesses nationally.

Fred’s last project in the automotive industry was scaling up an insurance company from $0 to more than $300 million in less than 5 years. Additionally, Fred and his team dominated the #1 spot in all 9 key performance indicator metrics for more than 15 months straight, and remained #1 overall almost since inception.

Simply helping and challenging people to grow, and developing people to be the best they can humanly be, is what helps him wake up in the morning.


Jennifer teaches the most successful coaches, experts, and niche-service providers how to get paid top-dollar for services and close big sales with ease. She has 20 years’ experience in sales, relationship coaching, and communication studies so she understands what it really takes to inspire people to take decisive action.  As a result of her expertise, she’s sold over $14 million in products in ten years in corporate sales, working for world-leading multi-million and multi-billion dollar biotech and medical equipment companies.

She left her lucrative corporate sales job to start her own business teaching high-end sales and sales training.   Her “One Call Blueprint” sales consultation system enabled her to grow a multi-six figure sales coaching business in less than two years, and her coaching and consulting business now funds a lifestyle that’s allowed her husband to retire from his career in home construction and work full time with Jennifer.  Jennifer holds a Biopsychology degree from Vassar College and a Masters’ of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and lives in Encinitas, California with her husband and three sons.


Rick has a unique and powerful ability that is proven by scientific research and studies, The art and science of body language, also known as nonverbal communication. Rick, A native from Guatemala, immigrated to the United States via Chicago, became obsessed with communication at the tender age of 10 where he lived in a melting pot of many diverse cultures, and struggled to speak English and be understood.

Rick has gone on to pursue his dreams to travel the world and train thousands of people at the Robbins Research Institute where he learned and refined his abilities as a body language and communications expert. After traveling abroad for Robin’s research companies for nearly 10 years he became the presenter for Stew Mittleman’s workshops.


Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, business strategy expert, author and a digital entrepreneur.

His core area of expertise is Mindset Mastery in Business & Life – he has spoken to audiences on every continent on money and mindset, sales & influence, leadership and self-empowerment.  Kieron has trained over 500,000 entrepreneurs in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.  Kieron also trains entrepreneurs on how to double their revenues in 90 days and to create a million dollar revenue business using his systematic template.

Kieron helped one company achieve $11 million in 11 months and recently sold over $30 million dollars for one of North America’s leading training companies.

Kieron is the CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Entrepreneur Academy, Founder of MagCreators, a digital magazine publishing company, and Co-Founder of LeadGen Apps, a company that builds community Apps that provides 98% engagement with clients and followers.


Originally from Australia, Cactus Jack moved to the U.S. with the intention to break into the music scene without any prior musical experience. Within 6 years Cactus became an International Bestselling Musician, touring all across the United states, hitting Number one on ReverbNation in Australia; writer of Utah hit musical “A Time of Forgiving”; film score composer for multiple films and a TV series, and so much more.


Kendrick Dial has cultivated  his role as an artist for over 12 years. He is currently the front man for the award-winning spoken word, hip hop soul band, The Lyrical Groove, which won consecutive San Diego Music Awards; in 2013 for best Hip Hop Artist and 2014 for Best Hip Hop Album. He recently released a full LP entitled SPOKEN SOUL: Music for Life (2015) with his band, The Lyrical Groove. He has collaborated with number artist and arts base organizations such as BkSoul, Transcendance and Eveoke Dance companies, and Mo’olelo Theatre company to perform and produce shows that inspired, challenged, educated and entertained the community.

Kendrick Dial is an advocate for music, just as much as he is an advocate for disenfranchised populations who struggle to have a voice. Throughout his work as an artist, he  continues to find ways to balance his mediums artistic expression with meaningful messages that challenge the ill-informed status quo’s society, be it self-love, healthy relationships or systematic oppression. Mr. Dial has also been recognized for his work as an artist and advocate in the community with awards such as the Urban League’s Leaders under 40 in 2006 and a San Diego Prestige Award in 2012.

He served 9 years of service in the United States Navy. He attended SDSU where he received his BA in Africana Studies/Psychology in 2010. In 2013, he graduated from USC with his MSW.


Caterina passionately serves women on a mission. She loves sharing how to build influence to have massive impact and embrace the power of using workshops, events and retreats to build community, uplift others and thrive in business. Her over twenty years of educating and uplifting audiences make her truly masterful at providing a ton of value to audiences.

She is a business mentor extraordinaire, sought-after-speaker and a prolific author her recent books include: Learn to Think Differently, Influence Power for Women and The ABCs of Public Speaking. Caterina is also the publisher of Thriving Women in Business Magazine and founder of the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle.

She hosts over 80 days of her own, live in-person events for women each year. She conducts everything from her high-level elite mastermind groups, to speaking business trainings programs, to her 2-day summits and her favorite, the annual Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women.


Regina Huber, Transformational Leadership Coach for Business Women, Power Shifter and Career Accelerator, Diversity & Co-Creation Advocate. With her signature system Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT), she works with companies to help women bring out their best professional selves, gain visibility, and step into their role as leaders with an empowered mindset and confident presence.

Regina speaks five languages and has over 18 years of international experience in the corporate business world, including management positions at The Boston Consulting Group in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, where her primary focus was on human resources; people, career & performance management; training & talent development; operations & budgeting; office build-outs. As an entrepreneur, Regina owned two businesses in Argentina and Brazil, and she translated 12 books on dance and other topics.

Regina is a Certified Leadership Ambassador at Take The Lead Women. She co-chairs an FWA committee and is a member of Alysia Silberg’s Global Women Game Changers.


Chris is inspired to create the fullest experience of freedom in life possible. At the age of 12, Chris started his first business sharpening chainsaw chains. At 16 he founded his first technology company Wise Enterprises. Chris dropped out of college and left behind a full scholarship, to pursue the expansion of this company. It paid off, as the growth of this company created him a millionaire for the first time at the age of 21.

Chris Wise has been influenced and mentored by some of the top minds in the world including Tony Robbins, Steven Covey and Michael Gerber. He has co-authored three books and a movie with key business and personal development leaders Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Bob Proctor.

As a mastermind of system structure and design, Chris has a genius ability to bring order from chaos in the most complex of business environments. He has always been fascinated by the design and structure of information.


Information Architect, Business Metrics, System Structure and Design, Information Organization, Business Process Engineering, Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Sales and Marketing Automation, Organizational Integrity and Performance Improvement, Building a Virtual Company, Laptop Lifestyle, Having Fun.


Tiffany Garvin is an innovator in the field of self-healing and personal development. She is a transformational speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author, and healing mentor. She survived and thrived in an eighteen-year journey with chronic illnesses, the catalyst for her life’s work. Tiffany is the creator of the Perfect Healing© System, which empowers people to heal their lives at every level so that they can be who they’re meant to be and do what they’re meant to do.

As an expert in the healing arts, Tiffany inspires and empowers people to own their innate abilities to heal themselves and create lives of health, joy, and success. Her audience describes her as “highly engaging and genuine.” Her students and clients praise her transformative techniques as “simple and powerful.”

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies/Chinese from Brigham Young University and is a first degree black belt in Kenpo Ju-jitsu.


Michael Marcial is a world-traveling entrepreneur, speaker, and Online Course Coach with a passion for helping others to succeed.

Over the last 12 years, Michael has been able to utilize his expertise in business and marketing strategy to help his clients start and grow very successful businesses and to date has brought in over $20M in revenue for them.

Over the past 3 years specifically, Michael has had an intense focus on the #1 game-changer he’s been able to introduce to his clients: Online Courses.

Michael’s mission is to impact 1,000,000 people this year by sharing his personal story as well as his entrepreneurial insights.

Michael’s greatest accomplishment in life: becoming a father to his amazing daughter, Alexis.


Watch and Weight 30-Day Challenge Founder, Arvin Khamseh is an Oxford-trained geek and graduate of the National Organization of Development of Exceptional Talents. He is one of the most sought after experts in the biohacking and peak performance community. He educates busy professionals via broadcast video, podcasts, the “Watch and Weight 30-Day Challenge” and speaking engagements all over the world.

Arvin’s work is inspired by his own experiences. He observed his mother struggle to lose weight for years and his father relying on 6 cups of coffee a day just to function. Arvin has also experienced his own personal struggle to make any noticeable improvements in weight lifting. After extensive research, self-experimentation and personal mentoring, he was able to add 215 lbs to his deadlift, help his mother easily lose over 30 lbs, and has a reputation for having boundless energy. He now educates clients via broadcast video, podcasts, the “Watch and Weight 30-Day Challenge” and speaking engagements all over the world.

Through his digital coaching certification, he learned what it takes to communicate with people in the online world through videos and text and mimic the same effect of being present with them like the old school coaching, focusing heavily on asking thought-provoking questions from his clients to lead them find their own answers.


Breakthrough Coach, Wei Houng, has made it his passion, purpose, and goal to help people eliminate anxiety around money to achieve financial success and to live a 6 Figure Lifestyle – “It is about creating success in ALL areas of life to reach your financial goals.  Every one of these areas have an impact on each other: finance, health & fitness, mental & emotional, and spiritual.” And over the last decade and a half, his desire to help others achieve financial enlightenment has evolved into a symbiotic adventure for both him and his clients.  He has worked with celebrities, industry thought leaders, and countless entrepreneurs to re-define the role that money plays in their lives.

With a background in Computer Science & Engineering and a cohesive minor in Business Management from UCLA, Wei has infused the rapid problem-solving engineering approach in a holistic way to the strategies used with his breakthrough coaching. He has taken aspects of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, Language Pattern Analysis, Energetics and combined them into a sequence of strategies so that those desiring to make a difference in this world will have nothing stopping them from doing so. The result? A Financially Stress-Free Lifestyle.


Certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of Mental & Emotional Release® Technique, and ordained Minister of Spirituality.


Annadel Lemon, “The Freedom Warrior”, is the owner of Balanced Wellness in Bountiful Utah. She is a Mentor, Speaker, Certified Energy Practitioner and Health coach.  Annadel is an expert at helping free people from negative traumatic emotions so they can clearly see their potential and step into greatness. She uses tried-and- true mentoring techniques, and lessons learned along her own trauma journey to mentor others to success in business, health, and relationships.

She is the author of the upcoming book “Joy Beyond Life’s Trials; Overcoming Traumatic Negative Emotions to Find Joy and Success” Annadel Currently has 2 Audio CD’s, “Trauma Mamas: Self Care for Adoptive Parents of Hard kids”, and “Brain Scrub: Cleaning Out Negative Thoughts to Make Room For the Good Stuff.”

She has spoken for Keller Williams Brokerage, Worth of One women’s Retreat in Salt Lake City, Women Economic Forum Santa Barbara, Co-Produced and Keynoted at Goddess Arise in Santa Barbara.


Andre’s mission in life is to teach and empower people! Andre is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, business owner and artist who is now focusing his professional energy on teaching singles and couples of all orientations how to create and maintain successful, loving, fulfilling, healthy Long term relationships. He is committed to walking his talk and keeping his word.

Andre has launched Project Equinox. Packed with knowledge and tools from renowned therapists Dr. Pat Allen (Los Angeles), Dr. John Gray (Los Angeles), Esther Perel (NY City) and Shaunti Feldhan (Atlanta GA), along with his Mankind Project affiliation and PAX programs, Andre’s mission is on track and solid. This mission includes “Recalibrating the culture by bringing hope, understandings and communication tools to produce lasting, fulfilling, healthy and loving long term Relationships.”

Relationship Coach, NLP Coach, Educator of Effective Communication Strategies, Workshop Leader, Public Speaker.

Project Equinox on FB    YouTube: Project Equinox with Andre Paradis


Rock bottom looked like this: 4 people in a tiny crowded apartment, 1 income, medical bills piling up, and the inability to get out of bed. Kerstin decided that this was not going to be her life. She chose a higher path. After months of healing her heart, mind, and body, she manifested $130,000. Scarcity was no longer in her mindset.

As a certified life coach, Kerstin teaches you how to overcome harmful mindsets that hold you back from achieving your potential and helps you step into accomplishing your life’s mission with joy. Kerstin is a fiery passionate spirit with deep wisdom beyond her years. She has a deep love for the people she serves and sincerely wants you to live life with passion and purpose.

Kerstin is the founder of More Empowered Inc. where she and her husband help you step into personal and professional empowerment through mentorship and technological services. Kerstin also teaches classes on how to go from scarcity to abundance. Learn the three key steps to manifesting abundance where you will never have to worry about scarcity again.


Linda Lattimore is a seasoned lawyer, corporate executive and business strategist. Her skills and experience across industries, segments and geographies, enable Linda to articulate and represent the issues that are unique, and distinct, to the cultures and markets her clients serve. Linda has worked as the General Counsel for various multinational corporations and the Chief of the White Collar Crime Section of the US Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Texas where she first chaired many noteworthy trials. An American who lived for many years in Peru and Mexico, Linda is fluent in Spanish, conversant in French and has traveled extensively throughout the world with her work as international corporate counsel.

Linda is a dedicated and passionate collaborator and visionary. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the WGN Global Fund, a 501c(3) that educates young women about social enterprise as a vehicle for change, and supports women who, because of socio-economic circumstances, would not otherwise have the tools to create businesses. Linda believes that social responsibility is critical to competitive edge and often consults on this new norm of business. She has received the International Humanitarian award from Ten Thousand Villages as well as being nominated for Woman of the Year for both San Diego Magazine and Austin Woman Magazine.

Linda is a well-regarded speaker and published author in the field of Sustained Leadership. She is committed to models that recognize the significance of social responsibility encouraging clients to create thriving social responsibility programs which have a direct impact on their bottom line. She is the Founder of Cross Sector Inc. which includes Cross Sector Law (an educational platform (CLE) by and for socially responsible attorneys), Cross Sector Gives (a community give-back program) and Cross Sector Advantage (which offers small companies a toolkit to set up their own programs allowing them to compete in a world where social responsibility requisites have become the norm).


Armando Alejandro is an international speaker, entrepreneur and online marketing strategists.

He has also helped create multi-million dollar companies – from startups to leading global brands, and is CEO of Convert Media Group.

Armando host live training event all over the United States for Small Business Owners and entrepreneurs.


Livia Caudell is a Conscious Entrepreneur and Visionary Leader who is on a Mission to Inspire Conscious Business and Living throughout the World by empowering people to create businesses that are a force for good and that focus on taking care of people, the planet, and creating a life of prosperity.

She has a diverse background in many different businesses and modalities ranging from Real Estate Investing, Internet Marketing, Sales, all the way to Certifications in Yoga, Nutrition, Stress Management, EFT Tapping, Reiki and with over 10 years of Personal Development Training inside of Leadership, Team Building, Management, Communication and Coaching.

She has combined her passion for Entrepreneurship and her continuous study of developing herself to her highest and fullest potential to now create her newest company called Conscious Wealth Builders. CWB empowers people to step into Entrepreneurship, create a Business that’s in alignment with their True Purpose, while giving them the business education, leadership training and development, tools and resources to fulfill and accomplish their mission on the planet and live a life of prosperity, such that we have a world that works and is thriving!


Melissa Binkley is a former Self-Hater turned LOVE LEADER.  She is the CEO of Melissa S Binkley International and a  SERIAL entrepreneur who has founded several companies over the past 20 years including Chic Fitness, Pure BodyLove Events, The Love Society and the Intuitive Intelligence Academy.

Melissa is on a mission to raise social, sustainable, conscious awareness and spirituality through a wholistic approach to creating global impact with a Masterpiece Message. Melissa is a goddess of light, tattoo loving, cursing spiritualist and mother who is inspired to raise the vibration of the planet,  create conscious children, heal trauma and initiate social awareness. Melissa’s vision is to  reach 1 billion people while drinking Green Matcha Lattes and traveling to exotic countries for extreme sports, wine tastings and humanitarian work.


Endyia Kinney-Sterns is an accomplished television producer and network executive with over 20 years of entertainment television experience. Named one of the “Top Female Executives in Hollywood” by Essence Magazine, Kinney-Sterns has been instrumental in identifying and developing various new programming for various networks.

Most recently as Vice President of Development and Programming for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Kinney-Sterns was responsible for overseeing day-to-day development of new original programming including popular docu-series “Raising Whitley” and “Deion’s Family Playbook.  She was an integral part in developing the new hit series “Flex and Shanice” in addition to many presentations and pilots.

Kinney-Sterns spent over four years working in programming and development at BET where she was responsible for overseeing production and post production for the network’s top-rated series “College Hill” and the highest rated show in BET history at the time, “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is.”  She was also responsible for helping to develop, launch and oversee the day-to-day production of “The Mo’Nique Show,” the #1 late night talk show among African Americans as well as the hit music competition show “Sunday Best.” Prior to her positions at BET and TV ONE, Kinney-Sterns produced reality, talk/variety and lifestyle shows including the Emmy Award-winning syndicated series “The Wayne Brady Show,” “Big Brother 4” and “The Other Half” among others

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Brigg Sterns, and her two sons, Judah and Cairo.


Season Amber Burch is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Publisher, and “Cancer-warrior Mama.” She has been a National Spokesperson for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for the last 8 years and co-founded the non-profit charity, Hats & Hair from Kids who Care, as well as The Inspired Writers League. She is  Owner & CEO of HAWAII Way Publishing, and Editor & Chief of HAWAII Way Magazine. (HAWAII Way stands for Health And Wealth and Inspired Ideas.)

Season has been featured on FOX, CBS, NBC and on THE TODAY SHOW as well as in large national campaigns. She has been in commercials and shared the stage with:  JENNIFER ANISTON, RAY ROMANO, ROBIN WILLIAMS, ANTONIO BANDERAS, JEFF PROBST, MARLO THOMAS, PATRICK WARBURTON, DAVID & JILL FAGEN, JANE SEYMOUR, DAVID SPADE, RYAN LONG, GARY MILLER, MELISSA HULL GALLEMORE, ERIC ZULEY, NOAH  ST. JOHN and ALLISON HILDEBRANDT LARSEN. She has spoken on large stages, in front of crowds of 3,000  and still loves to speak at small retreats.  Her message she often speaks on is, “Letting Your Setbacks Propel You Forward.”

Her true passion is giving back, spreading hope, speaking to large audiences and helping others use whatever is holding them back to help launch them forward. She also enjoys traveling the globe with her husband & kids, connecting with fascinating people and teaching others to do the same.


Patty Farmer is a Marketing Strategist, International Speaker, Radio Host, Event Producer & Best-Selling Author specializing in Marketing & Business Growth Strategies and works with lifestyle entrepreneurs, business owners and speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients 24/7 so they can make a bigger impact in the world, and even bigger deposits in their bank account.

She has created a network of 100,000 + connections while teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers & authors to connect, collaborate and convert in less time and make more money while designing the lifestyle they want to live.

Patty believes we all have a message and her mission is to help them master, market and monetize that message in a way that creates transformation for both them and their clients.

Patty was named #3 of the “Top Ten Media Speakers You Need to Know” and has been awarded the  “International Collaborator of the Year” by the Public Speakers Association as well as “Social Media Influencer of the Year”, “Life-Changer of the Year”“Best Business Brand of the Year”  and was nominated TWICE for “America’s Most Influential Business Connector”.


Renowned as one of the nation’s top health experts and inspirational speakers, Dr. Kasper has proven over the years that his philosophy changes people’s lives to be truly healthy and effective.

Dr. Kasper is author of four acclaimed, change-making books. Fire Your Diet: 17 Simple Ways to Stay Out of The Doctor’s Office, which according to Donna LeBlanc, author of New York Times best seller, The Passion Principle, believes that this breakthrough book is a must-read for your health and your life.

Dr. Kasper’s training and experience is extensive: he holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, a Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a specialty in Exercise Physiology, a second Master’s Degree in Education and Health, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition. He also has post-graduate training which specializes in Human Performance, Aquatic Therapy and Special Populations.

As a dynamic speaker, Dr. Kasper’s high-energy reputation precedes him on the international circuit. The media often seek his expertise on health, motivation, inspiration and entrepreneurship. He consults with corporations, governments, institutions and individuals worldwide. During his years as a public speaker, Dr. Kasper has traveled from the United States to Canada for inspirational, high-profile events, including Donald Trump’s Wealth Expo in New York, the New Life Health Expo in New York, the Whole Life Health Expo in New Jersey, and many  more. Dr. Kasper has also shared the stage with the likes of Les Brown, Coach Ken Carter, Jeffrey Combs, Peggy McColl, Barry Donalson, Joel Bauer, Captain Lou Edwards, Stephen Pierce, Loral Langemeier, and Ron White.


We all want to be wealthy and there are many programs out there that tell you that being wealthy starts with your mindset. For me Wealth is not just about money, it is about finding that balance in the four main areas of your life, Mind, Body, Relationships, and Finances. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, with a single mother and two sisters and poverty was much of our lives. I grew up and one day I met the mentor that would show me the way and change my life forever. Through investing time in seeking advice, developing the right mindset and training I have Mastered Powerful Communications, a Millionaire’s Mindset, and Wealth Achievement. I have made millions in Real Estate and as a Speaker.

I can guide you to create the same success in your life! I will tell you the truth about Wealth and the right mindset needed to Shift and transform your life.  As an expert Wealth and Mindset Mentor, I have countless success stories of people like you that have transformed their lives. I have shared stages and/or mentored with the greats of the greats like Sr. Richard Branson, Les Brown, Donald Trump, Kevin Harrington and many more other powerful people.

As a leading expert in subconscious programming, persuasion and influence skill sets which is crucial to your success I can guide you in pursuing your own personal, business and/or a career path. Additionally, one of my passions is to use what I have mastered in Hypnotherapy and the understanding of the subconscious mind to produce truly amazing healing of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have had the experience of working with several clients in that area and eradicating the traumas and fear of PTSD they experienced in their life.  I am currently building what will be the most successful PTSD training facility for our Military.


Vickie Gould is an international coach, author and speaker. She’s been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and has written multiple #1 Best Selling books.  She helps entrepreneurs to write short read lead magnet Best Selling books and use them to get clients on autopilot.  In doing so, she’s helped entrepreneurs to make their mark, become impactful leaders, and grow their business into a thriving one that supports the freedom-based lifestyle they were meant for.  She weaves Law of Attraction through everything she does.

She regularly runs her group program, Easy Writer: Guaranteed Amazon Best Seller Program and her private 1:1 coaching, Real Deal Coaching throughout the year. Visit her website at

She lives in Michigan with her husband and 3 children. Her background includes:

-Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation

-Certified Divine Living Transformational Life and Business Coach throughDivine Living Academy, ICF approved for specific coaching hours

-Silver Protégé Sales Certified through Eric Lofholm International

-Completed programs from and trained with Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard,Tony Robbins, Ted McGrath, and Callan Rush

-Studying NLP and Ho’oponopono through Global Science Foundation

-Publisher and Owner of Real DealTM Magazine

-Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist


Daniel Miller is Co-Partner of one of the leading SAAS online Ecommerce Platforms and Shopping Carts ( so if you are selling or planning to sell Products or Services On-line, his expertise in Up-sell, Side-sell, and Down-sell are massively valuable.

Daniel became a multi-millionaire in his early 30’s and did it by selling and promoting Products, Services and Information. He is a Venture Capitalist, having been involved in private placements across industries from Cancer Research to Medical Devices and International Resort Development. Daniel has worked and Shared the Stage with many industry giants including: Bechtel, GE, CNBC, Business Week, Success Magazine, Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, and many others.

He Sits on the Board of directors of Big Brother and Big Sisters in Florida and Mission in Belize, where they build Transitional Orphanages for young women in order to keep them out of the sex trade.

He is an international speaker/trainer/consultant and was Voted #1 Top Internet Marketer and Sales Master, he has spoken to over 100,000 people and has sold over $90 million dollars worth of products and services and has now with his “Click and Grow Rich Shark Style” has created a tool that will help anyone Beginner or Advanced, make getting and making money on line Simpler Faster and Easier. With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and executive management, Daniel has created a systematic and easy-to- implement process with proven benefits of increased sales and retention.


James Poindexter III, CC was born in the Bronx, NY but moved to West Virginia at an early age. At ten years old he was abandoned by his parents in a house for a week until he realized that they were not coming back. From there James moved over twenty times between ten and fifteen years old and went to six junior highs and five high schools. During the process of dealing with all this adversity he discovered his will to win and desire to never back down from a challenge. James welcomed every trial just so he could prove he would come out on topHe wanted to prove to everyone that even though he was having a hard life that he was still going to be a success. As a result of this James achieved many great things such as the Army ROTC high company award and the Army ROTC scholastic excellence award while he was in school.

Outside of school James was a two time West Virginia State Karate Champion, seven time National Karate ChampionWorld Martial Arts Champion, Silver medal in the World Cup of Martial Arts and Silver medal in the Goodwill Martial Arts Games. James was USA Martial Arts Team Captain and ranked number one in the World in Martial Arts for three years in a row. He got his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fairmont University. James also gave the opening speech for Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the International Youth Advocate Conference.

James is founder and CEO of JH Brands, his Professional speaking and coaching company, and is author of the book Successful Guide for Connecting Foster and Adoptive Families. Now he wants to give his knowledge to others to help them have success and reverse the negative statistics which plague disadvantaged youth. He helps families as a Parent/Teen Coach.


Daven Michaels is the founder of 123Employee and the brains behind the ‘New Wealth & Freedom’ system. Daven is also an in-demand speaker. He travels around the country educating entrepreneurs about the benefits of outsourcing.

Many personal development trainers talk about making more money, working less, turning your passion into prosperity, having more time and freedom, and many sell great info products. Daven does more than talk about it, though: he has lived it, breathes it, teaches his success formula and strategies, and through 123Employee services helps entrepreneurs all over the world make more money, save valuable time and create the lifestyle they dream about.

Daven Michaels has been labelled a ‘Super Entrepreneur’ by the media and his associates. Daven, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15, has enjoyed successful careers in the designer clothes retail industry, music promotion for crowds, and an award winning career as a music and TV producer. Now he devotes his energies to helping others discover the freedom of outsourcing as the CEO of 123Employee.


Angel Marie Monachelli is the Founder of the Shine On! Movement. She is an Amazon National Best-Selling Author, a highly sought-after speaker, social influencer, and teaches others how to master their stress. As a business owner, Angel Marie opened a wellness center to help people live healthier lives. After years of coaching and running the center, Angel Marie became overcome by stress. At a routine doctor’s visit she was told, “You are on the verge of a heart attack, this stress will kill you.” Angel Marie realized that many other people were also suffering from mismanaged, deteriorating, and toxic stress in their lives. That’s why Angel Marie’s mission is to help people stress less and shine more! Angel teaches 5 keys to reduce toxic stress and shine with more success, along with simple tools to achieve more energy and raise your vibration.