Aron is an expert in using yoga and meditation as a therapeutic tool and specializes in helping people increase their awareness and discover their true path. He has a background in psychology and life coaching and has worked extensively with both fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. His Shift process is a powerful and practical system for personal transformation.

He has studied awareness and yoga traditions from around the world, including, Indian traditions as well as Taoist and Tibetan Yoga. As a way to overcome ADD and anxiety, he began practicing meditation 25 years ago, with a focus on Zen and Dzochen Buddhist Yoga practices.

His yoga classes draw heavily from Anusara, Iyengar, and Tibetan yoga. Aron has been a director and resident at two Buddhist Centers.


Founder, Marketing Director, and Public Relations- North County Hispanic Chamber / In Biz Latino

BB immigrated to New York City from Chile at the age of 16 years old, where she became a model. After becoming fluent in English, thanks to New York University, BB traveled the world as an International TWA flight attendant. Settling in Honolulu Hawaii, this young lady married and raised two children while working as a sales manager for a travel agency.

Heavily interested in the diverse community of Honolulu, BB started her first non-profit organization, Image Of Hawaii, to inspire and unify Hispanic business and military personal.

To encourage ethnic entrepreneurs and inspire them to achieve their business objectives in 2010 BB proudly founded her second non-profit InBiz Latino/North County Hispanic Chamber to address this need.

With her direction InBiz Latino has grown by hosting a variety of events and mixers each year. BB passionately seeks new and informative speakers and topics to engage audiences in celebrations of cultural heritage, health, business and education. Inclusion of high schools and universities fosters her desire to inspire the next generation of minds to work together and build a bright future for all.


Dorinda Lowman Judd worked 37 years in the real estate industry in Tulare County, California. She received many company and community awards. Her greatest accomplishments were the many realtors, lenders and entrepreneurs who became her “raving fans” while she career coached them.

Over the years, Dorinda recognized the importance of keeping life balanced on the way to the top. Many clients gained success, but not fulfillment. Others got to the top of the ladder only to discover that they were on the wrong ladder. Dorinda became interested in a “new” concept – balanced life coaching. She spent seven years studying and exploring its value. Developing a passion for balanced life coaching, she started her business in October 2009. Witnessing the vast difference that balanced life coaching makes in the lives of her “players” is one of the great joys of her life.


A Professional member of the National Speakers Association, Michelle is also a counselor and presenter for businesses, education, and private events.  The author and instructor of numerous BYU IS courses, she’s also a faculty member in Alpine Schools District going on 15 years.  She is a presenter for the nationally renowned “Be the Change” program, and has worked with clients all over the world who enroll in her online courses. She is the creator of 6 Key Coping Skills and owner of ‘Facing the Giants, LLC’.

Her clients include organizations like Brigham Young University IS, Alpine School District, Especially for Youth, Alpine City, numerous Church and Civic Groups, ESI Management Group, along with education and personal clients.

Michelle Porcelli is a gifted speaker and teacher. She has the ability to focus on issues that are relevant and present them in a way that is intellectually and emotionally engaging. I have been impressed her focus is on whom she is teaching and not just on what she is teaching.  I confidently recommend her as a speaker.”        –Marshall McDonald – Especially For Youth Director, Brigham Young University

“Watching Michelle present is like watching Star Wars… you are enthralled, energized, and can’t wait to see what’s next.”  -David Gause – Alpine School District Counselor

“Michelle is a captivating presenter that people can relate to and learn from.  She lifted the atmosphere & sent participants home with concrete things to do.”  -Melanie Ewing – Alpine City Events Director


Dr. Holly Meade, the CEO of Serenity Choice LLC is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and an approved presenter at Natural Grocer’s across the United States. She is now teaching Natural Health & Wellness seminars starting in the Cache Valley and Salt Lake City, Utah and the entire West Coast.

Serenity Choice offers services including Reams Biological Theory of Ionization Analysis, Foot Zoning, EFT Sessions, and a full range of natural remedies, anti- aging classes, and whole food supplements.


“Are your thoughts portraying you or betraying you?”, Eliza Steeple is on a mission to empower people no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.  In her upcoming book, Neuro Stillness, she shares a heart wrenching, yet inspiring story of how she overcame life experiences that most people never find their way out of, including recently losing a child to cancer.

Armed with a unique background of life experiences, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Programming, Intuitive Coaching, Biofield Balancing, and her signature programs Applied Stillness, Change Your Choice, and NeuroPiano, Eliza has empowered over 300,000 people across the globe with skills that support lasting change and personal growth.

People who meet and work with Eliza often refer to her as “an inspiring pillar of strength” and

displays an extraordinary passion for empowering people.

Eliza Steeple has been married to her husband Jay Steeple for 32 years and together they raised and homeschooled 5 children and have 6 grandchildren.  Her hobbies include playing and teaching piano, teaching the raw vegan lifestyle, holistic medicine, reading, learning, hiking, spending time with her grandchildren, and traveling with her husband.

Eliza and her husband are currently in the process of setting up a charity foundation in honor of their son, called “Smile for Jacob” with a mission to support families who are experiencing hardships through a variety of programs.


Paul Pratt is a retired NFL football player with the Detroit Lions; graduated from the University of Nevada and is now is the CEO of 2nd Wind Performance. His role as the Speed & Agility Senior Trainer at 2nd Wind Performance gives him the opportunity to train elite high school to professional athletes and also a chance to shine in the community with helping youth with speed and agility.


Founder and CEO of New Life Clarity Project, a coaching and mentoring service, Pattie Sadler has a talent for motivating and inspiring others to find clarity in their own lives to envision a better way. A certified Inspired LifeVision Coach and Mentor; Talk Show Host on the Pattie Sadler Show in Fresno, California; Contributing Writer in Our Voices Magazine; Program Coordinator for Transition2NewLife Housing Project for Women in Transition; wife, mother and grandmother; she has shown that it is possible to have a better life.

After experiencing obstacles of drug abuse, domestic violence, incarceration and traumatic loss of children, Pattie has an important message to share: these things can be overcome. Her message is that with courage and unconditional love and faith in God, a positive and healthy, contributive life is possible. She enjoys an active lifestyle nurturing relationships with parents, children, grandchildren, and new members of her family as she has reconnected with all parts of her being, biologically, spiritually, socially.


Dr. Nilda Perez is an expert futurist, entrepreneur, radio host, multi-book author and foresight strategist. She delves into the trends that shape the future and impact businesses. Her aim is to prepare entrepreneurs and organizations to become leaders in their industry. She works with those who desire to create breakthrough ideas, initiatives and implement proven business strategies to catapult their project.

Dr. Perez has more than six years’ experience working with entrepreneurs in foresight strategies.  She holds a Doctorate of Global Business & Strategic Foresight, a MSW in Clinical Social Work and a BS in Social Science. She is a Certified Coach specializing in Business Strategies, Executive and Professional Coaching. She is also an active member of the Association of Professional Futurist.


Gianluca Gibbons, aka Mr. Life Stylist™ has had the privilege to learn from many experiences and cultures having lived, spoken and performed on stages around the world, from South Africa to Spain, to studying Jazz in Cuba. By the age of sixteen Gianluca had already traveled to sixteen different countries, lived in five and was fluent in three languages; French, Spanish and English.

His talents on the saxophone allowed him to perform for Bermuda’s political leaders and around the globe, opening for world famous acts such as Wayne Wonder, Nico & Vinz and Natasha Bedingfield. While still in college Gianluca’s own music landed him on the front cover of Bermuda newspapers, international press hits, radio and television interviews. While pursuing his Bachelors in Music and a Minor in Business Management, he was awarded multiple business awards in entrepreneurship while competing against students in the Master’s program. Since graduating Gianluca has toured the West Coast and Bermuda with his band HEЯITAGE™, and is preparing to release a band and solo music project in 2017.

The adventures of life have molded Gianluca into the person he is today. He is truly thankful for the opportunities he’s been given and is passionate about motivating others to pursue their dreams. At the young age of twenty-six he is excited for what the future holds, but is even more eager to share all that he has learned.



Tim Johnson is an Empowerment Expert and is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas and passions.

As a native to Southern California, Tim grew up traveling with a world-renowned cheerleading team, where he discovered his passion for performance and people. After four surgeries before the age of twenty, he hung his tumbling shoes up and began teaching the lessons he learned on self-empowerment when he was a world-class cheerleader.

Tim now specializes in helping entrepreneurs understand the self-empowerment process and the power behind mindset. His background in the hard sciences, humanities, and business allows him to see things with a greater perspective.


Priscilla had no idea she would be asked to be the MC for a Seminar by Globally known Motivator Maria Marin; (creator of Mujer Sin Limites/Woman without Limits) but it was then she realized Young Girls/Women and the General public needing to know about the effects of how our  Outside manifests into our Body/Mind/Spirit.

It was a group of over 300  Latinas from all walks of life, but when 2 little sisters approached her for an autograph (she had no book) she then realized this is something she wants to do MOTIVATE!

But life would send her a Health Challenge in 2003 that would rock her world and not in the Musical or Positive sense. Being told she had ovarian cancer and doctor insisted on operating the next day sent her in a whirlwind to find Holistic/Alternative ways of Healing. She by accident (but there aren’t any!) met a “crazy” lady who placed her on a Nutrition that would change the course of her life forever.

She now speaks to different platforms from inviting people to her home, to Health Fairs, Schools, Radio/TV interviews and even Senior Centers on the importance of letting Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food.

Priscilla does not claim to be a Doctor/Therapist/Nutritionist, just an everyday Woman sharing her Story and self education on how to shift and make positive changes in your Life.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s her Mantra: “Health is Wealth”!


Catherine Dietz is the owner and operator of A Healthy Path to Love and specializes in coaching women who are questioning their romantic relationship. She offers a step-by-step process that provides a clear solution to the predicament of ‘should I stay or should I go?’. One of her clients describes her coaching style as: “She balances compassion and realism perfectly and always knows when to tell me like it is or to give me words of gentle encouragement and comfort.”

With Catherine’s support, guidance and objective feedback, her clients gain the clarity and courage they need to move forward in their lives and stop feeling stuck in an unfulfilling relationship. This empowers them to either reconnect with their partner in a way that works, or gracefully let go of the relationship with integrity, honesty and respect.

As a certified Heal Your Life® Coach and a former Cardiovascular Technologist, she also shares her extensive knowledge on the emotions and physiology of the heart, and how our feelings play a huge role in the quality of our lives and relationships. She believes romantic relationships are one of our greatest teachers, and give us endless opportunities to stay true ourselves and live our best lives! You can learn more about Catherine and her coaching services at


Rebecca West is passionate about empowering women to live joyously. Using proven principles of happiness, she guides women to greater purpose and passion, inspiring them to BE the joy so they can LIVE their joy. As an acclaimed thought leader, elite mindset coach, speaker and author, Rebecca teaches women to unlock their pure potential so they can ignite the light within and live more abundantly.

With over a decade of advanced expertise as a language expert with a neuroscience emphasis, including comprehensive training in human development, Rebecca’s expertise in human potential and the joy of the human experience is what makes her so powerful and valuable. Using intentional language to create powerful mindsets and practices, her innovative approach helps women create real results in every area of their lives and achieve lasting happiness.

Rebecca is the founder and CEO of La Lumière, LLC, and she strives to shine light wherever she goes. The proud mother of two incredible sons, Rebecca loves her family, international travel, delicious food, the Arts, the ocean and laughing until the little muscles in her face hurt. A self-proclaimed warrior, she’s a little bit of fire and a whole lot of heart.


Shannon D. Hughes

Born and raised in the great city of Chicago, Shannon D. Hughes has become an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author, Life Coach and Public Speaker. On completing his high school education, he went into College to pursue his love for music and psychology where he majored in the two courses and added public speaking courses.

In 1996, Shannon became a trumpet instructor, a job he took voluntarily. While volunteering he learned to play the drums, adding that to his teaching talents. He has been teaching for the past 21 years. He also taught musical reading workshops to both kids and adults that wanted to learn how to read music. In 2005 Shannon went to study acting for 3 years at Actone in Chicago where he excelled in Improv Comedy but choose to study further in Drama and Monologues.

In 2007 Shannon became a sales rep for a merchant processing company and later adding Real Estate as a whole seller in the year 2010.  In 2014 SD Hughes Enterprises was born combining real estate and merchant processing and adding health and wellness.

Shannon became an author and Life Coach in 2016-2017.  In 2017 Shannon began speaking to support groups and will be releasing two books, My Motivational Manual, which is based off of his popular motivational minute videos which can be found on his YouTube channel. The second book, If This Idiot Can Do It So Can You, talks about his journey from childhood to successful entrepreneur.


Brian Douglas McIntosh has a wide range of achievements and experience that make him a fantastic speaker for events. 9 years as a professional radio broadcaster, 20 years as a Strike Fighter pilot for the United States Navy, TopGun Adversary Instructor, Builder of 4 International Business Teams ranging from 1700 to over 5000 business professionals, professional speaker, trainer, coach and mentor, published Author, and Television personality… there is no one more qualified, or with more experience relevant to your personal or professional growth, than Brian D McIntosh. Author of the highly praised book, Breaking the No Barrier, Brian has cracked the code for personal and professional success.

Brian’s career has fully transitioned into writing, speaking, coaching, and training. He’s doing what he really loves- leveraging his vast experience in leadership and achievement from flying, coupled with his communication skills, to share game changing ideas with a vast audience from all over the world.

Brian is passionate about success, everyone’s success. He believes in the abundance of life, and the potential of each and every person to realize it. Brian is a believer, a dreamer, and a doer, and finds his greatest joy in sharing this message with others. Brian believes that every one of us was born with unique talents, skills, and abilities that no one else has. Like fingerprints, we are all special and destined for greatness. He believes that with the right perspective, and the right attitude, anything is possible. Brian’s message is reaching people all over the world. If you would like to accomplish more, get an unfair advantage over your competition, and finally break through, you’re in the right place.


Carolyn K. McGraw is a highly acclaimed Inspirational Speaker, Poet, Teacher, Coach and Hypnotherapist.  She is an expert at providing her clients with innovative solutions to relieve stress and resolve issues very quickly. She is recognized as a gifted intuitive healer, known as a “Soul Whisperer.” She is founder and CEO of Social Healing with Poetry, which is a mentoring program for At-Risk Youth, healing emotional wounds through the Arts. She performs with “Keynote Poets of Sacramento” and also serves on the board.

Beauty in the Pain, Discovering the Hidden Masterpiece Within is the title of Carolyn’s forth coming book based on her experience using Poetry Therapy with her inner city students. She has been featured as a guest expert in magazines, radio and TV shows such as “Paranormal Connections.” She has also written college curriculum implemented at several institutions.

Carolyn offers powerful cutting edge techniques to rejuvenate and harmonize mind, body and soul releasing the issues holding back the joys of life. In addition to her Transformational Healing and Coaching sessions she provides a mentoring program for Youth, Parents, Speakers/Poets and Entrepreneurs.


How to be Happy when you’re Depressed

Finding Your Life Purpose and Mission

How to Have More Joy in your Life

The Power of Thoughts & Beliefs

Manifesting Magical, Marvelous, Miracles

Steps to Improving Health and Well-being


Developing Intuition & Discovering Spiritual Gifts

The Healing Power of Writing and Poetry

Spiritual Marketing Strategies

Spiritual Parenting Tips

Making Friends with Your Angels


David Shostak is a world class, versatile and dynamic leader who is an extremely successful Program Manager with superior skills who has lead every aspect of high technology programs, marketing management, business development, and engineering with over 40 years experience in many technical diversified fields.

When you think of someone who has all the leadership skills in one package David is the model for this and for getting the best of and motivating people. He has created product, program plans, market strategy, analysis, marketing roadmap development, and documentation for product plans, and given major presentations to senior business executives, government officials, three star generals and customers for developing new markets. He has focused on worldwide launches, including close interaction with European, Mideast, and Asian counterparts for successful, cohesive product launches.

David is one of the fathers of GPS for vehicle navigation. He drove handheld consumer products to market on time and generated over $150 million first year in 2003 and $350M second year in 2004 with Magellan RoadMate GPS Telematic Vehicle Navigation Product and because of his dedication and diligence the product made Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things List for 2004.

David is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for over eleven years. He is a highly accomplished and authority on public speaking. He is an instructor of Project Management Professional (PMP) preparation exam classes.

David wrote a book called “Project Management in the Real World…Explaining all the nonsense about Project Management in Plain English.” His book is about real world Project Management, Leadership and People Skills. He says “dealing with a team of people is very hard. Knowing how to get the best out of them is even harder.”

David conducts speaking presentations on:

  • Leadership skills
  • Team building
  • How to motivate people and teams
  • Communication and public speaking skills
  • Tools and Techniques in leading people and teams
  • Program and Project Management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time Management
  • Quality
  • New Product Introduction
  • Endurance Running

See David’s website here.


Shawn is the owner of Stillwater Experiences, a marriage and family counseling business. He worked for 13 years as co-owner of Rocky Meadow Adventures, and has orchestrated many activities such as trail rides, backpacking trips, survival classes, fishing trips, and multiple others. He also has extensive experience in commercial and industrial maintenance. Shawn has a B.S. in Liberal Arts, as well as education in secondary education biology and commercial recreation management.

In Shawn’s youth, he endured severe physical and emotional abuse. At the age of 14, he was given a near death experience which shaped his life. He was a co-owner of Rocky Meadow Adventures for 13 years and had the opportunity to lighten individuals lives and give them new hope to pursue their dreams. As he takes people on guided trips in the mountains and deserts, they are able to let down their shell and talk safely about their dreams and hopes. Shawn uses principles form Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to break down walls and introduce his clients to new experiences and ideas. He creates an environment for people to be reminded of the peace and inner-good inside themselves, so they can go out in the world and affect even more people for good.

Shawn and his wife Carol also provide people with expert relationship and marriage advice. In 2009, after 27 years of marriage they found their relationship in shambles and were on the verge of divorce. After a three month separation they agreed to make their marriage work. They developed Stillwater experiences, a business with a goal to use the things they had learned to help others save marriages and families. Through retreats and outdoor experiences their goal is to share their story, and bring more people to the resources available to help them heal and find peace, even during turbulent times.